Sancus Foundation was designed to act as a way to support different programs by providing them with funds and guidance. Through the FoundationĀ“s fundraising, we can meet the needs of environmental and academic programs that focus on direct implementation and service delivery. Our alliance with international businesses such as Sancus Capital Partners, we are able to reach a broad donor base, receiving funds from our private sector partners and individual donors. Funds will be allocated depending on a careful analysis of the scope and impact of each program presented to ancus Foundation by other non-profit organizations. Following a grant-fund method, each non-profit will be able to allocate the funds received depending on their needs, sharing with ancus Foundation program evaluation and results.

Donation Sources

Funding of Programs

We want to give back to Mexico a part of the great deal it has given us, preserving our environment and supporting communities in their most valuable resource, their children, through education.

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