To incorporate our vision in every project we collaborate with, always ensuring that we follow a sustainable approach, caring for our environment and promoting human growth.

Core Values


Respect for biodiversity

Sancus Capital Partners

Sancus Capital Partners is an Asset Management firm dedicated to the creation of leading investment vehicles for different sectors through active and direct management with innovating business models, providing own equity and attracting specialized investors for its development.

Sancus Capital Partners and its vehicles in Mexico have profoundly benefited from their surroundings, finding themselves among biodiverse ecosystems which contribute to the success of its hotels, low-density residential developments and renewable energy projects. Likewise, the communities that surround us have impressed us with their strong work ethic, outstanding hospitality and great human warmth.

In Sancus Capital Partners we are aware of the importance these factors have had in our story of success, which is why we want to give back to Mexico a part of what it has given us, through the conservation of our surroundings, caring for the environment and supporting a community’s future through education.

Investment Vehicles


Currently Sancus Foundation is in its first year of service. Our first annual report of activities and impact will be made available in January 2021.

To ensure that we are supporting sustainable projects and promote transparency in our work, we consider it to be of the utmost importance to have program evaluation of the reach and impact of each project that we fund. Each collaboration will follow a Grant Funding model, in which organizations can present a specific project requesting monetary support, explain their target audience, benefits to the community and/or environment, projected results, and reports.

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