About Sancus Capital Partners

Sancus Capital Partners is the leading firm in Asset Management dedicated to the creation of investment vehicles in various sectors.

Sancus Capital Partners has the great fortune of being located in Mexico, a country that is internationally renowned not only for its natural beauty, but also for the warmth found in its people. The different projects developed by Sancus Capital Partners bring attention to valuable ecosystems and outstanding hospitality.

About Sancus Foundation

Headed by Borja Escalada, Managing Partner of Sancus Capital Partners (SCP), CEO of RLH Properties and President of Ciudad Mayakoba, in collaboration with SCP Partners Jaime PĂ©rez de Laborda, Jodri Vallejo (both Managing Partners of Balam Fund) and Diego Laresgoiti (Head of IR Capital Markets and Board Member for RLH Properties and Board Member of Ciudad Mayakoba), Sancus Foundation began in 2019, named in honor of the roman god of honesty.

Through the Foundation, we seek to support the communities in which we find ourselves in, demonstrating our gratefulness for the people and places that have given us so much. Our mission is to be able to give back to Mexico through environmental conservation and academic opportunities.

Why it matters

The donations from Sancus Capital Partners, private sector alliances and individuals allow us to have a true impact on our surroundings, caring for delicate ecosystems and strengthening the future of Mexico through the education of its youth.

+ $300,000 USD

for environmental programs

+ $300,000 USD

for academic programs

+ $200,000 USD

in scholarships

+ 100,000

acres impacted

Your support makes a difference